Getting Started…

Hello Everyone and Welcome!

I want to explain myself before I begin this blog madness. This is something that I have wanted to do for so long, but never really had the balls to do it. I’ve always had an inner “writer” in me and I owe that to my third grade teacher Mrs. Childs. She was the nicest teacher I’ve ever had, but dammit did she know how to pile up the homework. We had a writing assignment every day. Yes, a third grader writing damn near a book a day (it was really just one page on wide ruled lined paper, but it felt like a book at that age). Me, having the creative mind that I do, didn’t know when to stop. The ideas continued to flow, so I kept writing. My one page assignments turned to 2-3 pages. My content got better, my grammar still sucked, but hey I was in third grade. So I owe this all to her! She started something in me that I can’t stop. As the years went on, I would write my own chapter books, and children’s books. I also took a stab at illustrating and quickly realized that it wasn’t my thing.

I love telling stories. Ask my friends. I will give the most unnecessarily detailed story about how I brushed my teeth this morning. There will be no plot twist or point to the story, they just need to know that I brushed my teeth. So instead of boring them, I decided to start this blog. Most people say “my life is so eventful, I deserve a reality TV show” (guilty). I figured that my life is so entertaining that it deserves a blog post here and there. My misery is for your enjoyment. You’re Welcome.

Now here’s how I’ll keep you coming back for more…

  1. I work at a hotel. Of course I’m not going to say where or which one because I need money. But so much happens here on a daily basis you have to see it…or read it to believe it. A portion of my posts will be slightly exaggerated stories of the innocent, but mostly guilty individuals who come to stay with us. Not to worry! Most of the stories are old and all the names will be changed to protect…me.
  2. I’m a mom. Ugh. I feel like moms can relate to other moms, BUT we bond better when we keep it real. I hate when moms act like it’s all sunshine and rainbows after a human grew inside of you, rearranged a couple of things, then made its grand entrance when they wanted to. They had control of your life from the jump. You have become a slave. End of story. Not saying that I don’t enjoy motherhood! I love my 6 year old to death. It’s just really hard. Like harder than the movies portray it out to be. Most likely, I will dedicate my Mondays to my mommies! #mommymondays or #mommamondays which one? Comment Below!
  3. Last but not least….I’m writing a book! I told myself that when I was close to completing it, I was going to start my blog to do a little free writing, explain my journey through publishing, and writing other books. I’m not sure if  I will actually go through the lengths of publishing this one. I may have it as a little practice piece and post a chapter a week on here or something. I’m not sure yet. Anything to keep you all interested!

I can’t wait to dive into things and formally introduce myself. Stay tuned for my next post to get an intimate look into the life of…

B. Camille

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Kasi says:

    Yasssss!!!!!! Can’t wait to read all your crazy stories! ❤️ #mommymondays


  2. Kristen says:

    Yasssss bestfriend #mommymondays has a better ring 😘


  3. adashia shevone says:

    yessss i’m here for this !! #mommymondays lovvveee!


  4. Keila says:

    Aw yes I’m excited to read this you go girl ! 😂 😍😍 and yes #mommymondays


  5. AP says:

    Love love love this!! #mommymondays has a great ring to it


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