The wrongly accused…

I will never forget this day at the hotel for many reasons. First it involves my other best friend Pebbles*. Second, this is probably the first time I was actually ready to fight at work. As always, all names have been changed to protect the guilty (because everyone was guilty this day).

One fine afternoon, I was wrapping up my day at the front desk. I patiently waited for Pebbles to come into work so we could have our bestie time and I could leave for the day. She usually came in about 10-15 minutes early every day so that we could have “tea time”. That pretty much means that we were gossiping about random shit that was going down at work and in our own relationships. Prior to her arrival, I noticed a number of men walking in the front door and not know their way around. When asked if they needed assistance, they would nod at the sudden discovery of the hotel and head in that direction. Upon entering, they would flash a reassuring smile as the doors closed in front of them. Now I’m not sure if the men just don’t think before they order a prostitute (is that the right word? Order? Sounds like vagina take-out). I’m not sure if these guys think they’re the only guy that will be in that girl that day or what. Either way I just need to know whyyyyyyy?!

Anyway, the elevator went to the 3rd floor for about the 50th time that day (no exaggeration) and I had enough. Now usually we would call the non-emergency line and tip them off to get them off of the property. Most people call it snitching. I call it looking out for myself. As a female, you get these dirty, disgusting, non-vagina getting men coming into the hotel to purchase sex. They compliment us on how we look. Admire us from afar. Then goes on to enjoy that purchased vagina. My fear is that one day it’s going to be one guy who just doesn’t care and he will get what he wants for free. Because that’s just how this world is. We have housekeepers, front desk agents, managers. All women around horny men. Also, I could be charged with aiding and abetting. So it’s either them or me. What a time to be selfish.

So I made the call and printed any evidence I may have to further prove the activity upstairs. Prior to the arrival of the police, a man and a woman checked in. They were…odd. Have you ever seen a couple where they just don’t match? Yeah this was that couple. He wore a pair of jeans, crisp black T-shirt, a leather jacket, and a pair of dress shoes. His hair had a little bit of length with a tight curl but he was shaped up nicely. On the other hand, she wore a pair of blue and orange tie-dye leggings, a pink camisole, with a mini denim jacket. A silver necklace with the word BARBIE in the middle graced her neckline. A curly weave was placed on the top of her head. It looked as if it hadn’t been combed or properly cared for in a long time.

The two went up to the third floor. I watched as the elevator doors closed on them kissing in the corner. Another manager came behind the front desk to accompany me in the prostitute take down. A tall cop arrived soon after with his partner. I’m pretty sure it was the partner’s first day on the job due to the lost, yet scared look on his face. They asked about the room in question and any information that I had that they could use to prove their case. After getting each other pumped up for the confrontation, they too disappeared on the elevator to the third floor.

My manager and I waited at the front to ensure that we didn’t miss a beat. Pebbles arrived for her night shift wearing a confused look on her face. I’m assuming it was because of the two police cars outside and her not knowing what she was walking into. I quickly explained the situation before she decided to abandon her shift, leaving me to suffer. Instead of jumping ship, she stood at the front and awaited the final verdict.

After about 10 minutes, we heard the elevator go up to the third floor. The passengers entered the elevator and appeared to be arguing. The doors opened and Barbie stormed out with her Ken doll following closely behind. He calmly approached the desk to ask for a full refund. The cops stood closely behind them, observing the conversation. Barbie could no longer hold her tongue and asked “how do I look like a prostitute? They said y’all had pictures and ads! Where is it? I want to see them.” We quickly tried to explain that there had clearly been a mix up. We did not give he officer their room number. In fact, they weren’t even checked in when we called. Everyone looked at the officer who wore a blank stare. The other officer looked as if he was going to shit bricks because he’d clearly never seen an angry black woman before.

The girl continued her rant explaining that she was just trying to spend some time with her man. She said that Pebbles looked like a man while I needed a perm (my edges are always laid). Her insults quickly became irritating and it didn’t take long before we started firing back. We didn’t insult her back for the simple fact that it was too easy and it probably would have started a real fight. The officers just watched as we laughed at her. Our manager didn’t know what more to say than “that’s not nice”. At that moment I had to laugh at her. It was her time to shine and the only thing that she could think of was telling Barbie that she wasn’t being nice.

The cops warned Barbie of her inappropriate behavior. The tall one told her to leave before they arrested her for disorderly conduct. We gave them the money back as she continued to scream her insults. The rookie reminded her once more that she could be arrested if she didn’t stop. Ken doll finally stepped in and requested that she calm down. He lectured her on the way out about her inappropriate behavior. Once the sliding doors closed, it was time to ask Mr. Tall and stupid what the hell he did.

“What room did you go to? We told you what room it was, how did you end up at their room?”

“Well,” he began to explain, “when we got up there, we heard a lot of screaming and sexual sounds so we figured we’d get them all out at one time.”

WTF! He’s such a dork, I couldn’t stand him. Why would you go to a room that you have no evidence on prostitution? He said that when he went to the room in question, they guests did not open the door. My guess is that she heard all of the commotion in the hallway about someone being wrongly accused of being a prostitute that the real ones decided to hide out. Before the officers left, he decided to give us some advice. He stated that Ken and Barbie should not have received a refund. My manager explained that Barbie was causing enough drama by insulting the employees, could you imagine if we told her no she couldn’t get a refund? He said “well we were here. We would’ve taken care of that.” Officer! You didn’t even bother to take care of it while everything was going on, so we had no more faith in you. They left with no arrests made, but quite the story to tell by the water cooler.

The next week, the same tall cop came back to “check on us”. He stopped in often when he was bored and had no one else to talk to.

“So I have a funny story for you,” he began, “remember the girl last week who we wrongly accused of being a prostitute? Yeah well they were pulled over right after they pulled out of the parking lot for failure to wear a seat belt. When we asked for their identification, he gave his willingly while she was hesitant. She said that she didn’t have one, so they just asked for her name. She provided a fake one, as all of the names given did not come up valid in the database. They informed her that she will be arrested for providing false information if she didn’t give her real name. She panicked and did what she felt would get her out of the situation. She decided to fake a seizure.”

My jaw dropped at the boldness of this girls’ actions. Barbie was arrested and when she was booked, it was found that she was indeed a prostitute.


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