movie date (a short story)…

“Ask your parents first. If they say yes, then I’ll ask mine.”

“No! you ask first. Then I can say that your parents already said yes. They will have no choice but to say yes too.”

“That’s a stupid idea.”

Jessica laid back on her be as she listened to her best friends’ reasoning behind her not asking her parents first. The two were trying to figure out a way to get both sets of parents to allow them to borrow the car and go to the movie. They would tell them that it would be just the two of them but in reality, they would be picking up their boyfriends to join them.

“Oh my goodness why am I nervous?”

“Dude just go do it! Hurry up. After a certain time, my parents are going to say no.”

“Okay. Okay. I’m going. What time does the movie start again?”


“Okay. Hold on.”

Jess heard a muffled sound through the receiver. She heard Leslie walking down the hall to her parents’ room. A few voices could be heard in the distance but Jess couldn’t make out what they were saying. She pressed her ear closer to the phone to try to hear the final verdict.

“Hey,” Leslie said as she picked up the phone again.

“I’m here. What did they say?” Jess answered.

“They want to know how I’m getting there.”

“I’m driving or my parents can take us. Either way, I’m providing the ride.”

“Are you sure? You know how they are if shit isn’t set in stone.”

Jess let out a long sigh, “Let me go ask.”

She made her way downstairs to the living room where her parents were watching the nightly news. The anchor was explaining the expected weather for this weekend which worked out in Jess’ favor. If there were breaking news about another shooting, break in, or robbery, she was sure that her parents would not agree to her going out. Jess had rehearsed multiple times in her head during her journey down the stairs. She had to be sure to mention which movie, what time it began, what time she should be home, and that Leslie would be accompanying her.  That was the easy part. The hard part was getting them to agree to her using the car. They had two cars, a Toyota Camry and a Nissan Rogue. The Camry was an older car and little bit less reliable. Her dad only used it to commute back and forth to work. They rarely allow her to drive it around due to the fear of her breaking down in the middle of nowhere.

“Hey mom, dad, is it okay if I go out with Leslie tonight? We wanted to go see this movie. It starts at 7:15 and…”

“Go ahead honey,” her mom said.

“And take the Nissan. The Camry needs a new tire. I’m sure Leslie’s parents aren’t in the mood to cart you two around all night,” her dad added.

“Right, wow. Um, thanks I’ll let them know.”

“Be careful,” they said in an unplanned unison.

“We will. Thanks again.”

Jess waited until she turned the corner and was out of sight before running upstairs in excitement. She grabbed her cell phone hoping that Leslie was still on the line.

“Hey, Les.”

“Hey what did they say?”

“They said yes and suggested that I’d drive. What other 17 year old has that kind of luck?”

“Every other 17 year old that doesn’t have strict parents like us. They’re letting you use the Nissan right?”

“Right. Plenty of room,” she laughed.

“Awesome! Ok, I’m going to let my parents know. Get here by about 6:30 just in case they want to lecture us. I’m going to text Justin and let him know when they need to be ready.”

Their boyfriends, Justin and Eric were best friends as well. They didn’t plan to be together at the same time, but it just happened that way. Jess was on the cheerleading squad while Eric was the star player of the basketball team. They began to hand out after the games with the other teammates, but often ended up being the last two to leave. During one of their deep conversations after a game, they decided to make it official and sealed the deal with a first kiss.

Leslie, on the other hand, met Justin last year during track and field practice. Their harmless insults soon turned to flirting and kissing. They showed up to each other’s’ events even when they weren’t on the roster to run. He finally asked her on a date to the local park where they later became official.

Jess put her tightest fitting low cut jeans and a V-neck shirt. She paired the revealing outfit with an oversized hoodie to disguise the exposure. After her parents wished her a night of fun, she made her way to Leslie’s house. The closer she got to Leslie’s, the more nervous she became. Upon arrival, Jess knew that she had to go inside and guarantee safe driving for the night. She’d hoped that Leslie didn’t go outside of the story that they created just in case they decided to question her. They also had to be convinced that there would be no drinking, drugs, or boys included with the night out.

After about ten minutes of a grilling session, the girls were on their way. The boys were waiting at Justin’s house right around the corner from Leslie’s house. Jess pulled in to the rock covered driveway and honked the horn. She saw Eric peek out of the window, then disappear behind the curtains. He tried to compose his excitement upon seeing his girlfriend, but couldn’t help smiling from ear to ear. Jess rolled down the driver’s side window to accept his welcoming kiss before unlocking the back doors.

“What’s up Les,” he said after closing his door.

“Hey Eric. Where’s Justin? Is he coming because I be damned if I have to be the third wheel.”

“He’s coming, don’t worry. He’s talking to his mom. You know how that goes,” he laughed.

“Oh God,” said Jess as she noticed Justin coming outside and his mom following close behind, “didn’t I get grilled by enough parents tonight?”

“Why is she coming over here?” Leslie asked as she held her breath.

His mom stopped at the bottom of the porch stairs as she took in the details of the car that her son was about to get into. Her motto was always, ‘I’m not letting these little fast girls ruin my son’s life.” He got into the car with his head hung low and urged Jess to pull off immediately. An awkward silence filled the car as Justin’s house faded away in the distance.

“Sooooooo,” Jess said finally.

Leslie let out a sigh of relief and turned up the radio. Club music leaked out of the speakers, changing the mood in the car. Everyone danced and sang along to the popular hits until they reached the movie theater.

The girls decided to cover the costs for the tickets to the scary movie this time. While they stood in line, the boys purchased large Slurpee’s to share with their partners. They all regrouped in the lobby and made their way to theater 6. The movie was to start in three minutes and the theater was completely empty. Jess and Leslie planned it perfectly. They figured since the movie had been out for at least a month and received some of the worst reviews, the crowd would be slim to none.

They raced to the top of the theater. Eric and Jessica went to the right hand corner seats while Justin and Leslie went to the left. The girls exchanged mischievous smiles knowing that they were accomplishing what was once impossible. It was a rare occasion that they successfully got out of the house, snuck with their boyfriends, and got away with it. A part of Leslie was waiting for someone to come into the theater and it ended up being one (or both) of her parents.

The lights dimmed as the previews began. Eric whispered sweet nothing in Jess’ ear since that was the only way she could hear a thing he said. Flirtatious giggles from the left side could be heard during silent parts of the preview. Both parties began to make out in true teenage fashion. Jess was surprised how quickly things escalated since the movie hadn’t even started yet. When she finally came up for air, she noticed that there were three other spectators in the theater now. Jess tapped Eric, who was now lightly suckling on her neck, careful not to leave a mark. He saw the extra people in the theater and smiled at her maliciously.

“What?” she asked.

“I like an audience,” he replied.

With one swift move, he had unbuttoned her pants and moved her panties to the side. Embarrassed, Jess looked around to see if anyone could see what he was doing. She looked over to the left corner to find her best friend’s head bobbing in the lap of her lover. ‘Oh my God,’ she thought to herself and laughed out loud. That laugh quickly turned into a soft moan as she felt Eric’s fingers dive inside of her. The feeling was surprising yet painful, but a good painful. She had sex one other time, but foreplay was not involved. It was more like a one and done type of deal. His fingers danced inside of her until she came hard all over his hand. She let out an unexpected moan that echoed throughout the entire theater and caught the attention of a few people. Justin and Leslie were laughing in their corner as they watched Jess quickly remove Eric’s hand from inside of her pants. Eric placed her hand on his member to show her how she made him feel. She blushed and moved her hand, unsure of what she should do next.

“Let’s get out of here,” he said.

“And go where?” she asked.

“To the car. There’s plenty of room in there. We can do whatever you want to do.”

Soft moans left her mouth as he kissed her neck again. She kissed him on the lips once more before grabbing his hand and guiding him out of the aisle.

“Where are you going?” Justin whispered loudly.

Eric went back up to the left corner and explained that they were going to the car to “talk”.

“I want to talk too, shit,” he replied.

“Alright man. When we get back, damn. I’ll make sure she hands over the keys.”

They shook hands in agreement. Justin and Leslie sat back and enjoyed what they could of the movie while they await their friends’ return. Jessica and Eric slipped out a side exit and into the parking lot. They noticed a darker area where they could move the car to avoid being caught. The spot was not too far from the other cars and was slightly shaded by a tree. Once the car was perfectly parked, Jess traveled to the back seat with Eric. She took him by surprise by immediately straddling him, kissing him deeply. The whole night she played shy, but now that she had him to herself she felt that she could act freely. Before she knew it, the seats were laid back and she was bottomless. He tried not to make the car rock as he thrusted inside of her, but after a while they didn’t care. Her moan encouraged him to go harder and deeper until her juices decorated him. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. She wiped the sweat from his forehead and played in his hair. The windows were fogged and the scent of sex filled the air.

Jess checked the time to make sure that the movie was still playing.

“I think Justin and Leslie want next,” Eric laughed.

“Ugh, well then hurry up and get dressed. The movie is almost over, so they’re going to have to make it quick.”

“Damn I don’t want to have to rush them. They deserve their time too.”

“No they don’t. It’s Leslie’s parents that we have to worry about. Trust me, they are clocking us. I have to make sure that I get her home no more than twenty minutes after the movie is over.”

“You’re being dramatic.”

“Okay. Just wait and see.”

They went back into the theater as if they were doing the walk of shame. Eric passed the keys off to Justin as he and Leslie made their grand escape. Jess cuddled up next to Eric and watched the remainder of the movie. On the other hand, Justin and Leslie spent most of their time looking for the moved car. He set off the car alarm and headed in that direction. They both entered the back of the car where the seats remained in is flattened position. It didn’t take much for things to get started after an hour of foreplay in the movie theater. Justin didn’t care about the loud moans or the movement of the car. When they finished the first round, he was ready for round two. Jess and Eric vacated the theater when the final credits graced the screen. She tried to text Leslie to give a 5 minute warning, but didn’t receive an answer. They wandered the lobby for a bit and used the bathrooms. After a while it wasn’t much else to do but go back to the car. At this point, they were in there much longer than they were.

As they approached the car, Jess could hear Leslies cries just a few parking spaces away. She looked around to see if anyone else could hear and noticed a couple walking behind them. Eric and Jess began walking faster and entered the front seat of the car. The sudden intrusion startled the others.

“Keys!” Jess demanded.

“What’s going on?” Justin asked.

“Well for one the movie ended about ten minutes ago, we can hear y’all all the way over there, and it smells like a brothel in here. Ugh!”

Jess rolled down the windows and pulled off to get some circulation in the car.

“Les, I tried to text you and tell you that the movie was over. Where the hell is your phone?”

“I don’t know! It’s in here somewhere.”

Justin and Leslie finished dressing and putting the seats back in its upright position. All condoms were thrown out of the window during the transit.

“I need to stop at Walmart. We need some kind of odor eliminator. There’s no way this smell is going to get out of here without it. Especially since it’s so muggy out tonight,” Jess stated.

She pulled into the nearest Walmart a mile away from the theater and ran inside in hopes of finding a good air freshener. Inside the car, Leslie began to receive text messages from her parents asking for her whereabouts. She responded letting them know that they were on their way and should be home soon. After sending her text, she called Jess immediately and told her to hurry up. Her parents expected her home in no more than fifteen minutes from now. Jess still had to ring up her purchase, drop the boys off, and get to Leslie’s house. It didn’t seem likely, but she was determined to make it happen.

Five minutes later, Jess appears from out of the Walmart doors, air freshener in hand. She handed the spray to Leslie, who was now in the front seat. Justin took the spray and began to relieve the seats of its sexual stench. Jess was doing well over the speed limit with the determination to get Leslie home in time.

Leslie’s parents began to call her again once her ten minutes were up.

“Oh my God they’re calling. What should I do?”

“Answer! Tell them I had to stop at Walmart real quick. I’ll take the heat for that. It’s not a lie.”

“No, no. I’m not answering.”

“Babe, you should answer,” Justin chimed in, “It’ll make you look guilty if you don’t.”

Against her better judgement, Leslie ignored the call.

“I’ll call them when we get closer.”

They were down the street from Justin’s house when they noticed a motorcycle following closely behind. It was too dark to see, but Jess was convinced that it could be a cop. She slowed down and ordered everyone to put their seatbelts on just in case. Leslie’s phone rang again and it was her mother.

“Answer the damn phone Les! We’re right around the corner. As soon as I can shake this motorcycle behind me, I can get there in no time. I just need to make sure that it’s not a cop.”

Leslie answered to her now irate mother. She was trying to explain the pit stop to Walmart, but it was too late. She was caught in a lie; they just didn’t know which one.

Jess pulled over to let Justin out of the car. The motorcycle passed the car slowly as Justin made a quick exit. Eric was instructed to lie across the back seat and remain out of sight during Leslie’s drop off. Jess turned down into the development only cross paths with the motorcycle again. This time, he blew a stop sign crossing the street Jess was about to turn down.

“Who the fuck is this dude?” Jess yelled.

“Oh no,” Leslie moaned as she watched the motorcycle turned into her driveway.

The driver dismounted from the bike and revealed himself as Jess pulled up in front of the house.

“Shit. It was my dad.”

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