30 Days of Yoga Week 1

One fine evening earlier this week, my boyfriend came over with another crazy idea to reach his fitness goals. A little background about “J”: he is an aspiring personal trainer. He comes up with different workouts every day (some will be featured on here for all my fit followers. Coming soon!), uses YouTube on a daily basis to study different methods and put them into play. Well allegedly, back in the day, body builders used to do ballet to become flexible and to get a good stretch. J is 5’9″ish (I think he’s 5’10” but whatever) and bulky. So the thought of him doing ballet is quite hilarious. I offered to teach him, but I doubt I’d be able to get through the first session without death by laughter. So the new method for the millennial body builders is YOGA. When he came to me saying that he wanted to do this 30 days of yoga, I immediately called bullshit and kept it moving. He said that he’d found a good app that led him to the YouTube channel where the yoga videos are.  He asked if I would do it with him and I was all for it. I’ve done yoga before and found it extremely relaxing. I’ve been under a great deal of stress that has taken over my body. I wasn’t getting sleep, had knots in my back, couldn’t eat. Everything just sucked. So I definitely needed this time to meditate and be put in all kinds of weird positions. It would also make us flexible which means flexisex. Yes I made that up.

The first night, I still thought that he was full of shit. We sat on the edge of my bed talking when he said, “So you ready to hit this yoga?”. I laughed and said sure. I grabbed my laptop, hooked it up to the TV in the living room and he was ready. I couldn’t believe that we were actually about to do this. Three words that sum up the first week are “what the hell”. Sometimes “hell” was swapped with “fuck”, but you catch my drift. The first video was fairly simple. It was an introductory video. Thankfully, we didn’t have to bend over backwards or handstands like most people think. He was having a lot of tightness in his knees, but felt better afterward I was having back pains. While the stretching felt nice, the back pain continued until day 4 where this session was specifically to stretch the back. My sleep was much better, I woke up energized, and fairly happy. Not to mention, you can tone up doing this. Getting into some of the positions took a little bit of encouragement since the woman on the screen is much smaller than the both of us. Some of the positions looked impossible, but we made it possible. One rule when starting this journey is to never say that you “can’t” do a position. You have to try it and get as close as you can. You will get better with practice. They say a small amount of exercise is better than nothing and it just might be the push you need to commit to a little bit of activity in the day. I think the best part of this whole thing is doing it with J. It just makes it fun and brings us closer. We are willing to look like fools all the while motivating each other to reach our individual goals.

All videos are about a half hour long with no breaks. She walks you through everything slowly. Sometimes that gets annoying because she over explains while you’re in the most awkward position possible or when you’re stomach muscles are in full effect. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that yoga isn’t a workout. That shit is a full body workout. It will have you out of breath without all of the cardio work, but still relaxing. Don’t ask me how, it just is. I find myself breaking out in random yoga poses just to get a quick stretch during the day. Once it’s part of your life, you can’t get it out.  I was thinking of adding my son to the equation to help him wind down for the day. Either way I am loving this new journey and will keep you all posted on the progress. Wish us luck!



Join us! Check out Yoga with Adrienne for the 30 days of Yoga! She literally has yoga for everything on her YouTube page. Comment your thoughts and tips!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. AP says:

    Kudos that sounds super relaxing!


  2. Kristen says:

    Yasss it sounds really relaxing 🙌🏾


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