30 Days of Yoga Week 2

I know! I know! I’m a few days behind, but in reality I’m on time. How you may ask? I realized that doing it every day is next to impossible because of my work schedule and “J” doesn’t always spend the night with me. On those days I usually skip it but I started to just do it without him because some days I really need it. This has become a great source of meditation for me, especially since work has been extremely stressful. I had some ups and downs this week with the yoga (partially because of menstruation), but we got through it! I did videos 5-9 which doesn’t seem like a full week, but like I said, It was a busy week. I also repeated day 6 because it was all abs and I felt like I had a 6 pack at the end.

This time I wrote about each day separately so I can really give more insight on how I felt/thought doing it.

Day 5

I probably started this off wrong by taking a shot. I should’ve waited till after, but whatever. As soon as we started, I knew that it was a bad idea. This video was full awkward poses and didn’t give the relief I was hoping for. It had been a lazy Sunday that I’d spent the on my computer. Of course, with me not sitting in the proper desk and chair setup, I developed a few kinks in my back. So not getting the relief I was looking for is possibly my own fault. Most likely, I will be going back to this video to perfect the positions. It was a test of flexibility, which I haven’t had since I had my son (and probably before that too). I used to dance in my younger years, but once that stopped the flexibility was no longer. That’s the main reason why I decided to take up yoga. I need to get my flexibility back. Oh yea..and flexisex.

Day 6

THIS DAY! UGH! It was all about the abs. Usually her videos touch on the abs and I’m shaking from it because of the weakness in my lower abdominal wall that was cut open years ago due to the birth of a human. This video showed my improvement because I wasn’t shaking at all! I was so excited and proud of myself (c-section moms would understand). Now don’t get me wrong, it was difficult and it hurt like hell. She would over-explain while in the worst positions possible, causing you to hold the position. During these times I lasted longer in the positions than “J” (brag worthy). I was able to last longer with my abs tight because throughout this journey, I learned how to meditate during the exercise.  This helps redirect your attention from any pain or discomfort. Instead, you focus on your breathing or finding your peace. Trust me it works. I was surprised that it worked. Focusing on the pain will only remind you that it hurts and makes it hurt worse. Another positive is that it helped the digestive system. I won’t say how because that might be a little TMI for you all. Just know that it got everything moving around. A favorite for sure!

Day 7

This one was a total body experience and man she wasn’t lying.  We worked everything down to the toes! It was at a moderate pace which kept my attention. At this point, I’ve begun to remember the names of the poses. It felt good not to have to look up and watch her before going into position. I’m able to quickly get into position to get the full stretch in the appropriate amount of time. It was a 30 minute video, but it felt like 10. The frequent movement definitely helped the time go by much faster. It also felt like a workout. I slept like a baby that night.

Day 8

This one is another favorite. I did this one on my own, but still feel like this would be good for the man. He’s focusing on deeper squats and this video was focusing on squat stretches. We both suffer from bad knees but surprisingly it didn’t hurt getting down there. I used to do low squat stretching in my dancer days and I forgot how good it felt. Imagine doing it naked. The things you could do…FOCUS! We did a lot of meditation with this one as well which I needed. Work has sucked the life out of me so it was nice to take this moment to truly meditate and let go. We also went over this one pose…

Image result for bakasana

…yea that one. And I did it! I was so excited, yet extremely determined. I held it for a few seconds, but I don’t care I still did it! That was what I needed to motivate me to really try to perfect these.

Day 9

I wasn’t really in the mood to do yoga this day, but still did it because I needed it for my blog. I skipped two days because of my work schedule and being 100% drained. My period was also in full effect so at this point I just wasn’t into it at all. I was uncomfortable and just tired. My son was gone for a day, it had been snowing, cold as hell, and just ugh. It was very repetitive and not as satisfying like the others. That could’ve just been my mood though. Probably won’t do it again.


Like I said before, I know that this isn’t a full week technically. I’m doing this my way. This means I’m not going to stress about it being 10 o’clock at night and still haven’t been able to get my yoga done. At that time I will be in bed without a worry that I skipped a day. That alone will stress you out and that’s not what yoga should be doing to you. Until next week my lovely people!



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