Random Updates with a Surprise…

Hey everyone!

Here I am again popping up with nothing but a ramble. So much has changed since I last posted. No I’m not pregnant or engaged. Just happy. I have been craving to get on here and write, write, write, but it wasn’t time yet. I had to make some major decisions in my life and I couldn’t do that with everyone involved.

My birthday is in a month and I decided that this year I will choose happiness. This last year was way too stressful, but change is coming! I guess the real stress is what to do at this point in time in my life. Ever feel completely unaccomplished with your life? Yeah, I’m at that point. With that said I am in the beginning stages of writing my next book. The book that I just finished, Casino Lights, will be posted on here. One chapter a week; kind of like TV episodes. I hope you all stay tune in and don’t worry about falling behind because you can always catch up at any time. This will start on April 1st and every Sunday after. I’m excited to do this, but also very nervous. But this first book is for you to enjoy. My blood, sweat, and tears, all for you! Ok, that’s a little dramatic.

I hope to see you on the first (no this isn’t an early April Fools joke and yes, I do early April Fools jokes).


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