FiFe! By: Travis W.

Meet FiFe (fee-fey)!

FiFe is from Monkey Town and is know for all of his monkey tricks. He can do back flips, front flips, tumbles, and more!

Everyone in Monkey Town has an important job. Miss Daisy is in charge of feeding all of the children.

Mr. Chimp is in charge of delivering all of the food to Monkey Town.

FiFe is in charge of finding the food in the forest around Monkey Town.

FiFe and his employees are called the Super 100. That’s because they can get hundreds of food in no time! They do back flips and front flips and all kinds of tricks to get the food off of the trees and to Mr. Chimp for delivery.

One day, Miss Daisy called FiFe in a panic. “FiFe! I need your help! We have more children than expected today. Lunch time is in two hours and we don’t have enough food! Do you think the Super 100 can get the job done?”

“Of course we can Miss Daisy! I will call Mr. Chimp and the Super 100. Don’t worry! We will have the food for the children in no time,” said FiFe.

“Oh thank you FiFe. I knew I could count on you.”

He hung up the phone and called his friends from Super 100. They were all hanging out in the Super tree house. “Hey guys, we were called for a job. Miss Daisy needs more food for the children today. Meet me in the forests in 5 minutes.”

“We can’t,” said Fonzo, one of the Super 100, “I grew sick with the flu last night and it spread like wild fire throughout the tree house. We are much too sick to help with food today. Sorry Fife.”

Oh know! What am I going to do?’ thought FiFe, ‘I can’t get all of that food by myself.’

He called Miss Daisy back to tell her the bad news. “I’m sorry Miss Daisy. I just can’t get all of the food by myself,” he explained.

“Oh please try FiFe. I can’t imagine only giving half of the children food. I know you can do it if you just try!” she begged.

“Ok Miss Daisy. I will try, but I cannot make any promises,” said FiFe.

“Thank you FiFe.”

FiFe headed out to the forest alone. For the first time, he felt worried that he will not be able to get the job done. He needed his team.

FiFe took a deep breath in and began climbing his first tree. He gathered some berries, swung to the next tree, and lost his footing on the branch. The berries bounced out of his basket; falling to the ground below him. They disappeared in the grass.

FiFe had to start all over again. He felt like giving up, but the thought of not being able to feed all of the children today kept him from quitting.

FiFe took another deep breath and started over. He flipped, jumped, and swung through the trees gathering as much food as possible. Back flips, front flips, and rolling from branch to branch. Before he knew it, FiFe’s basket was full. FiFe lowered his basket to the ground for Mr. Chimp to pick up and grabbed an empty basket to start again.

FiFe had twenty baskets filled and ready for pick up. Mr. Chimp drove his truck into the forest and gathered all of the baskets. FiFe joined Mr. Chimp in the truck to help with the delivery.

When they arrived at Miss Daisy’s house, all of the children were patiently waiting for FiFe and Mr. Chimp.

“I did it!” yelled FiFe as he jumped out of the truck. “I got all of the food by myself and Mr. Chimp delivered it in no time!”

“Thank you both! You saved the day! Please join us for lunch. The children would love to have you,” said Miss Daisy.

“It would be our pleasure,” said Mr. Chimp.

The children gathered around FiFe and the food full of questions on how he got the job done. By then end of the story, FiFe was named Super FiFe. He can do anything with his super flips and super tricks!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Very good story Travi!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AP says:

    Aunties boy, I hope he sticks to writing like his mama

    Liked by 1 person

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