The job of a mother is one that could never be prepared for. You can read all the books, watch all of the videos, but no experience is ever the same. We wake up every morning and choose to take care of these human beings that we call our children. The crazy part is, we don’t have to. Yes, I said it. You don’t HAVE to, but you choose to. No matter how tired, you get up. No matter how sad, you push through. No one can do your job better than you do. Your children are the only people who truly know you inside and out. Even though we have all been there when we felt like giving up, hell some of us did give up. But the most important thing is that we got back on track to finish the job. Being a mom gives us a power that no one else can explain. We can literally do it all. And if we can’t, we will damn sure try!

This is for those moms. The moms who live unapologetically. The moms who are single. The moms are are married. The moms who can give two shits about what others think. The working moms. The stay-at-home moms. The grandmoms. The moms in heaven.  The school moms. The teacher moms. The step moms. The god moms. The moms who give their very last for their children.

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