The Raw Theory…

One day, two best friends were on the phone talking about what they wanted to do with their lives. They both took a dive into the podcast/blogger world, but wanted more. The two decided collaborate on a radio show or a podcast. The launch date was to be determined since one was planning a wedding (not me) and the other was out of a job (definitely me). Eventually, they plan on creating a YouTube all for the entertainment of their listeners.

That talk became a reality last Sunday January 27th at 3pm. It wasnt an easy road to get started, but we did it. We are talking about two people who know nothing about radio. We know how to put on a show, but the technology behind online raido was a little more complex than we expected.

Rewind back two weeks…

It was our first call with Leese B, owner of NLR. she explained that it was her new company that supports underground artists from all over. They do concerts, fashion shows, and they have a clothing line. The next step on her list is a radio station. If you know and support artists, they need their music to be heard somewhere. Why not have a station where they wouldn’t have to hassle to be heard. She told us her ideas and most of them were in line with what we wanted to do on our show. By the end of the conversation, we were all inspired and ready to put in work.

With a two and a half week deadline, we had no idea the obstacles that were coming our way. So much had to be done in so little time. We needed, a website, radio plugins, equipment, a site to host the show, topics to cover 2 hours, music, underground artists to work with, etc. You name it, we needed it. We even only had one mic to work with. Oh! You can’t forget the most important thing…a license.

There was more that we needed, but I can’t think of all of that right now. It was a race against the clock, frustrations were high and everything that could go wrong went wrong. The first radio host that we were going to use was a dinosaur. It was so complicated, old, and outdated. Then we had to make a last minute decision to switch hosts to a different one. One that was more up to date and easier to use.

Next came the logos, flyers, promotions, and social media accounts. It’s so much harder than it seems. I use social media for boredom, but now that I have to be on it all the time for work, UGH! All of the notifications have been turned off. Having my phone going off at all times drives me nuts! But it comes with the territory.

With that said, I would like to invite all of my readers to listen to my station every Sunday at 3pm. The station is on or you can download the app and listen from there. We also play reruns every Wednesday at 6pm. Trust me, you will be entertained! During the week, we play music as a filler, but eventually we will be able to fill other slot times with shows.

We accept feedback, music requests, and music submissions. Eventually we will be conducting interviews with other underground artists and entrepreneurs. If you have a small business, large business, a product, a song, a label, a book, anything! We want to support you! Take advantage of the FREE promo while it lasts. If you would like more information on promotions or have any questions, please email

Twitter: @therawtheory

Instagram: @therawtheoryshow

Also, my book “Casino Lights” is still up for grabs! You can purchase your copy by clicking the link below:

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